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Unique cultural heritage of our great nation have a unique and spiritual heritage. Unfortunately, the effects of several years, our dependence have national Pre dormant consciousness. Naunihalon requires us to today, Future leaders is the successor of its cultural Ave create spiritual wealth Numberless great men, and the general public by the continuous sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice and sustained life on land after independence movements, but the irony of our consciousness, even after independence was not active.

Today, we employ Macaulay provided that the education system and Educational structure. Determinants which he understood as a result of various scholars, saints, sages, and Swami Dayanand, Maharshi Aurobindo and Vivekananda youth of this country as Shichhavido of Intellectual Property, perfect precursor Shichha system Shicchha system flaws of a nation are suffering the helmsman.
The mere livelihood, business or Titles and Evidence papers have become the instrument of sharing eases. High lifetime value, character, humanity, morality, great tradition - has no place in the Indian lifestyle and culture. The discussion is confined to books even if he does not have his philosophy into practice.
That is why; despite the abundance of resources of all kinds nation's progress is not expected. Social and moral development has also been questioned.

Considering all these defects of the current education system in the nation dedicated to the idea of a really great organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh the rise of any nation in education. Our education system is Indianite, Swbhasha liturgies keeps saying that our education, indigenous, Self traditional Indian values ​​and culture nurtured by air.

Today modern science knowledge to be supplemented in accordance with the present era and the hope of our nation's youth, proud, serve the future as well - with his triple Developing a great Maintaining system component life. Which he himself, and the whole world was able to expand adapt a beautiful and orderly. Inspired by the great architect of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh inspired the venerable Nana Deshmukh in the direction of the moon ultimate Sewabavi mother Krishna Gandhi,  In 1952 he established  the Indian Education Committee .